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Voltage or current analog signal control.

Voltage or current analog signal control

Analog signals in production process control systems send information about specific values, such as temperature, pressure, flow, level, concentration, distance, weight, strength, density, and more. Analog sensors are responsible for generating this information.

An analog sensor, also known as a converter, converts physical quantity into electrical quantity. The industry has mainly adopted two standards, i.e. voltage and current:

Current signal: 4 ... 20mA
Voltage signal: 0 ... 10 V

Other ranges can also be found:

Current signal: 0 ... 20mA
Voltage signals: [-10V ... 10V], [0V ... 5V], [-5V ... 5V], [1 ... 5V] etc.

Our controllers convert electrical value to digital via an analogue to digital A / D converter.

1. The press operates with a force of 68kN.
2. The sensor [-10V ... 10V] converts this physical quantity into electrical -6.8V or 6.8V.
3. The A / D converter in the controller converts -6.8V to a digital value and displays 68kN.
4. An additional button on the housing is used to change the unit from "kN" to "%" - this makes sense if the maximum press force is 100kN.


GR202 0-10V DC


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