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LED Advertising Truck

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At the request of the advertising agency, we undertook the design and implementation of the car's complete built-in LED screens.
The customer delivered an unusual car, i.e. a Dodge RAM 5.7 HEMI with a bare frame intended for installation, and picked up the finished car with the necessary documentation.
The order was completed comprehensively from A to Z - including a visit to a diagnostic station to change the purpose of the car.
For over 10 years in the LED industry, we have undertaken many unusual challenges and, as always, this time also caused a smile of satisfaction on the client's face.
We designed the structure, including visualizations and simulations, in Solid Edge2020 by SIEMENS - we have full options!
We have made and installed high-quality RGB SMD LED screens - 4 mm pixel!
Each of the three screens has a driver with its own memory but also with the option of sending LIVE image via HDMI - possible preview through the camera of what is in front of the car! Programming and communication LAN, WiFi, 3G / 4G (LTE) - remote management via data cloud.
We knew that we were the first in Poland, and as it turns out in Europe!
We are currently working on a development project for a new car from the salon - FORD TRANSIT.

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