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As a Polish manufacturer of devices we deliver finished products to many market segments. The increasing automation and computerization such places as offices, factories, public places, commercial buildings, parking etc. requires the implementation of systems to facilitate management. One of the most important factor is communication and effective presentation of the messages. Managing content in real time, enables e.g. directing vehicles traffic , management and monitoring of production processes, management of the queue, displaying messages and warning.


Our team is able to undertake tasks that require individual design, hardware and software solutions.


Here is a list of several examples of solutions:

  • text and graphica displays controlled with protocol by LAN / WiFi / RS232 / RS485 / 3G interfaces
  • colorful displays (screens) controlled with protocol by LAN / WiFi / RS232 / RS485 / 3G interfaces
  • colorful displays (screens) operated synchronously via HDMI,
  • displays of industrial production processes, eg. counters of made items,
  • counting displays eg. boards counting the number of days without incident,
  • car displays
  • displays for buses, trains, platforms, airports,
  • automatically upload and display information from the files generated by external applications, eg. exchange rates displays, queuing displays,
  • boards displaing specific messages controlled via logic inputs, eg. displays of alarm devices,
  • information displays,
  • measuring and meteorological boards
  • scoreboards,
  • sport displays
  • parking signs,
  • other.


We encourage you to contact us and ask questions about individual solutions.


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