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About company

LEDTECHNOLOGY is a Polish manufacturer of LED displays. We are one of the leading manufacturers on the LED displays market. We supply both the domestic and export markets with our products. Our devices are characterized by innovation and functionality. Brand LEDTECHNOLOGY is in existence since 2008. Our Long-term development strategy of the company has made it possible to create a team consisting of electronic engineers, programmers and designers working with passion and commitment. We continuously try to improve our products and develop new solutions inspired by needs and requirements of our customers.

LEDTECHNOLOGY company is formed by ambition by a very creative team, working with passion and commitment. The fruits of this work are products that are constantly being refined to better fit the tastes and expectations of customers. This way, the company is setting new trends and implements innovative solutions in the field of LED displays. We are not afraid of challenges so we willingly undertake new projects that arise from the needs of the market, thanks to which our products are gaining more and more new adaptations and are used in the new fields.

 For us, the most important part of our company is the customer. Whether you want to buy, you are buying or have already bought, you are just as important. Each client is treated individually. Our sales managers advise, not just sell. The company is strives to have a very good relationship with each client to offer them exactly what they need. Satisfaction comes from satisfied customers, not just the quantity of products sold.

 LEDTECHNOLOGY is constantly evolving, continuously working on new products and improving present solutions. We emphasize on the product quality and modern technologies based on LEDs. The company knows its products, knows how to modify them, so at the customer's request it is able to adapt offered displays to any non-standard solutions.

We encourage You to contact us. We are at Your disposal, so we provide the various forms of contact e.g. telephone or e-mail. We also invite You to visit our company.

Pretend that every single person you meet has a sign around his or her neck that says, "Make me feel important."
Not only will you succeed in sales, you will succeed in life." 

  Mary Kay Ash




Purchased products are sent by courier. Goods are well packed and insured.





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