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Visualization of industrial processes

Displays for visualization of industrial processes are devices designed to display any information and value of production in factories or processing plants. Displayed content can be sent either directly from the PLC or dedicated applications in a real-time.  Mono and color boards are produced according to client projects, both in terms of size and design.


For the implementation below, GR202 MAX 32cm * 64cm red displays were used.

At the request of one of the customers, LEDTECHNOLOGY made boards for visualization of production processes.

The devices show the current and average speed of the manufactured elements quantity and visualize it with using LED strips whether the average speed is below or above the assumed standard.

The value of the standard is set by the customer using radio remote controls.

It is our proprietary solution that uses speed counting to count the number of pulses given directly from PLC controllers in given time units.

If you need similar solutions for  your company, please contact us.


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